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Hack our app and get $ 5 000

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Humaniq has an ambitious goal to build the safest and most trusted financial platform for unbanked people. Now we invite developers all over the world to join our series of hacking contests that could allow us achieving our goal and helping emerging economies to have a safe financial infrastructure based on Humaniq app.

Our team works hard on development and improvement of the app, but we believe that it is you who can find the existing issues, make Humaniq even better and help thousands of the unbanked people to keep their money safe! Join us, use your skills, hack, win a prize, get Humaniq’s team personal recognition, sign in to the next challenge and hack again.

Good luck!

What's the point?

Here goes the first part of our contest series.
We believe we’ve done our job well. Still, there could be security vulnerabilities or bugs we might overlook.
Your task is to:

1. Complete a quick registration

2. Get this wallet hacked 0x55a1d99492756dbf910d17b9179917cc5a933b4a

3. Transfer $2 500 from this wallet to yours

4. Describe the vulnerability you faced and send the transaction hash to:

5. Get the rest $2 500 for the description

Our Application:

The Challenge ends on February 21th

Your reward

$5 000

$2 500 from the wallet
and $2 500 for description


1. Register
2. Get this wallet hacked
3. Steel $2 500 from there

4. Send your result to

5. Get additional $2 500